Ramakrishna Mission Sister Nivedita Girls' School, Kolkata


       The idea of starting a home where women desiring to dedicate their lives to the ideals of renunciation and service could live under the personal influence of Sri Sarada Devi, originated with Swami Vivekananda. He thought that the girls brought up under the care of such an outstanding personality as the Holy Mother herself would be inspired by her ideal of intense self sacrifice. But it took a long time to realize the ideal. It was towards the end of  1914 that Sister Sudhira took the initiative and started such a home in a small rented house and called it Matri Mandir. In the course of time it came to be known as the Sarada Mandir and was lodged permanently in the third and fourth storeys of  the present school building. It has been serving a very useful purpose as a Home for the monastic members dedicated to the cause of women's education and also a residential boarding house for a small number of students living away from their parents. At present there are 23 monastic members of Sri Sarada Math working in the different departments of the institution.

The System of  Training in Sarada Mandir(Boarding) ---
          In the Mandir, the student-boarders receive a training based on Indian culture and traditions under the fostering care of the resident sisters. The Mandir has a big shrine of its own. Girls attend prayers morning and evening, perform some household duties and lead a simple life in an environment favourable to the growth of their character. They share the work of the shrine and perform Shiva Puja in the Bengali month of Vaisakha. Physical exercise is compulsory. Arrangements are made for occasional visits to holy places and other places of interest. Gita class is conducted once a week and scriptural and religious discourses are arranged for the benefit of the students from time to time specially on occasions like Janmastami, Ramanavami, Buddha Purnima, Rathayatra and in connection with the birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna , the Holy Mother,   Swami Vivekananda and the other disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Shankaracharya and Jesus Christ.